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Air parimatch com faq authentication

Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon have had it for a while. You may not know it, but you probably already use two-factor authentication in the physical world. The password is your single factor of authentication. The second factor makes your account more secure, in theory. SMS is "universal in some respects; all you need is a mobile phone.

But Twitter has faced some backlash, he said, because many of the highest-profile Twitter hacks have been against corporate Twitter accounts. Two-factor authentication adds a second level of authentication to an account log-in. The three types are:.

OK, not really. But 2FA is nothing new. You must provide a physical factor, the card, and a knowledge factor, the ZIP code.

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It definitely adds an extra step to your log-in process, and depending on how the account vendor, such as Twitter, has implemented it, it can be a minor inconvenience or a major pain.

Much also depends on your patience and your willingness to spend the extra time to ensure a higher level of security. One of the most high-profile cases of a compromised two-factor system occurred inwhen security company RSA revealed that its SecurID authentication tokens had been hacked. Fenton explained both sides of the effectiveness problem.

At the same time, he said, two-factor offered more protection than logging in without it. To hack two-factor authentication, the bad guys must acquire either the physical component of the log-in, or must gain access to the cookies or tokens placed on the device by the authentication mechanism. This can happen in several ways, including a phishing attack, malware or credit-card-reader skimming.

Select Security key and then click Next. If you want to get the code as a message or voice on your mobile, do the following:. Select Mobile phone number and then click Next.

Enter your mobile number to which you want to receive the code as SMS. To receive the code as a voice message, click Call me with a code. You are shown 10 different single-use security codes that you can use to login to your account if you have trouble receiving the two-factor security codes on your phone.

Click Download or Print to save the backup codes. To set up a backup method, next to Backup Methodsclick Add a new method.

Choose any one of the backup methods for receiving the code. Depending on your choice, use the information in the above steps to set up the method. Backup method is used in case your primary method does not work.

So, choose a different method than the one that you set up for a primary method. For example, if you have selected Mobile authenticator app as the primary method, choose Mobile phone number or Security key as the backup method. If you do not want two-factor authentication to access your account, you can disable the feature at any time.

If you want to remove all your existing two-factor authentication details, select Also clear all my Two-Factor Authentication settings. Use the below information to print, download, or regenerate your single-use backup security codes. In the Two-Factor Authentication section, click Show codes. If you have used a code, it appears as a strikethrough number. You cannot use this code for future logins.

If you have used all your backup codes or want to get new backup codes, click Get New Codes. The verification code that виджет букмекерской receive is valid only for a specific time duration. Ensure that you sign in to your account as soon as you receive the code. If you did not receive the verification code on your phone or the code did not work, you have to request for a new verification code by signing again to your account.

If you use an authenticator app, open the app to get the new verification code.

FAQ: Two-factor authentication for your account

If the verification code that you sure betting does not work, wait for some time and then use a new verification code. If you use an authenticator app for both primary and secondary methods, ensure that you are using the right code associated with the account. If you have lost your mobile device, you must use the same phone number in your new mobile device to receive the verification code via a text message or voice message.

If you have previously signed in to your account from a trusted computer and checked that the computer should remember you, you can sign in from that computer without a verification code. Once you sign in to your account, turn off two-factor verification until you can again get verification codes.

Currently, the verification code sent as a voice or text message is available in English only. NortonLifeLock is working to make it available in other languages. However, if you do not want the verification code in English, you can use an authenticator app to generate the code.

Download any free authenticator app on your phone from Google Play or App store.

If you cannot access one of the methods to receive the verification code, you need to use an alternate method. For example, if you cannot receive voice messages on your phone, you can use the text message method or the authenticator app.

If all of the methods you used to enroll are not accessible to you, your account is locked and we cannot assist you with providing access to your account.

In case your account gets locked, you may have to create a new account.